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Spiritual Development Essentials


Part of the discipleship process is becoming a part of a body of believers, being baptized in the name of the Lord, and learning about the gifts God has given you to minister to others.



….why should I pursue church membership at NCBC?

By becoming a member of a church, you publicly identify with a local body of believers who have joined together in their authority, mission and ministries of love. So if you are part of God’s family, local church membership is important for you.

….who should attend the Church Membership Classes?

Any believer in Christ who is high school age or older who is not yet a formal member of NCBC.

...what steps are involved in becoming a member?

You will need to attend the Membership Class, be baptized (if you have not been baptized already), complete an application, and meet with one or two of our Elders.

…what else do I need to know?

This class will inform you of our doctrine, philosophies, ministries of our church, biblical expectations for church membership, as well as Q&A opportunities. (Attendance does not commit you to membership.)

Watch for upcoming classes in the Worship Folder or on Facebook.



...what is the SHAPE class?

If you have received the gift of salvation, then God has gifted you to serve Him. Learn what spiritual gift He has given you and how it can be used by taking the SHAPE (Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences) Class. Watch the Worship Folder or Facebook for upcoming dates and times for the next SHAPE class.



...why is baptism important?

Biblical (genuine) baptism publicly identifies the believer to be in a spiritual union with Jesus by faith. To learn more about baptism, we invite you to download A Bible Study on Believer's Baptism below. If you are ready to take this step of faith, please contact the church office at 447-6486.



...why should I give?

For the sake of your faith and for the sake of your joy in Christ, every Christ-follower needs to regularly give financially to Christ in some way. 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 testifies it's not possible to truly receive God's saving grace without responding in cheerful generosity. 1 Timothy 6:17-19 commands generous givng to prevent becoming deceived by earthly riches. To fail to give regularly is to harden your soul to grace. And 1 Corinthians 16:2 urges each Christian to bring a free-will gift to their local church every week - in proportion to how God provided income the previous week. Saved people share generously, not out of complusion, but out of gratitude for all they have received. Every believer should first regularly give to their church because of their own need, not because of the church's need. Giving is necessary for the spiritual well-being of his/her own soul. do I give to God through the church?

  • Bring tithes and offerings with you on Sunday morning.
  • Set up automated giving online (one-time or recurring). Download the pdf below for instructions.
  • Give through the NCBC app. Download the pdf below for instructions.


Giving Through the App Instructions


Online Giving Instructions (One-time or recurring)


A Bible Study on Believer's Baptism