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Sunday sermons at New Castle Bible Church are recorded and available here for you to watch, listen to, and download. You will find messages on books of the Bible as well as topical series. Download sermon audio to your mp3 player to listen while you workout, travel in the car, or just relax with a cup of coffee. Be sure to share your favorites with your friends. 


The Heart of Prayer (part 1)

2019-10-20 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

When God is your Father, you pray differently.

The Heart of Giving

2019-10-13 - Elder (in development) Matt Miller

Guard your heart against unrighteous motives in giving.

The Heart of Love

2019-10-06 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

God's children reflect their Heavenly Father in how they love difficult people.

The Heart of Deceit

2019-09-29 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

The heart of righteousness always tells the truth.

The Heart of Divorce

2019-09-22 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

Divorce is not God's solution for your hard heart.

The Heart of Lust

2019-09-15 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

Put sexual lust to death now before it is too late.

Old Testament Survey - Lesson 10

2019-09-08 - Dave Calhoun

The Heart of Anger

2019-09-08 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

You must escape judgment by immediately overcoming your heart's anger.

Exceeding Righteousness

2019-09-01 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

You need Jesus' righteousness in you to enter His heavenly kingdom.

Redemption Revealed

2019-08-25 - Pastor Philip Somers

Seven hundred years before Jesus went to the cross, Isaiah went to the cross. He did not go there physically but God gave him a picture of His Suffering Servant. It's a word picture that's even more detailed than the Gospel accounts of the crucifixion.