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Sunday sermons at New Castle Bible Church are recorded and available here for you to watch, listen to, and download. You will find messages on books of the Bible as well as topical series. Download sermon audio to your mp3 player to listen while you workout, travel in the car, or just relax with a cup of coffee. Be sure to share your favorites with your friends. 


Jesus is not Safe

2020-04-19 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

Expect to be persecuted when you become like Jesus.

He has Risen

2020-04-12 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

Jesus' resurrection calls for your personal response.

Blessed to be a Blessing

2020-04-05 - Pastor Shaun Lewis

How can I be a blessing that others may see Christ?

Trusting Jesus is Enough

2020-03-29 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

Jesus' authority provides more than enough for His followers.

Something Needs to Change

2020-03-22 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

Jesus' followers live to advance His kingdom on earth.

Standing Firm in Christ

2020-03-15 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

Knowing Christ secures our peace and enables us to stand firm in troubled times.

LAMENTations: The Language of Exiles

2020-03-08 - Pastor Jonathan Farrell

Fixing our Brokenness

2020-03-07 - Peter Lindell

2020 Deer Fry

Old Things New

2020-03-01 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

Jesus has the power to make all things new.

God's Grace for Humble Hearts (part 2)

2020-02-23 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

Jesus calls you to forsake all religious pride and follow him.