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Sunday sermons at New Castle Bible Church are recorded and available here for you to watch, listen to, and download. You will find messages on books of the Bible as well as topical series. Download sermon audio to your mp3 player to listen while you workout, travel in the car, or just relax with a cup of coffee. Be sure to share your favorites with your friends. 


The Local Church Goes Global

2020-07-05 - Pastor Scott Gnuse

God calls the local church to reach farther by sending and serving global partners.

A Kingdom Worth Everthing

2020-06-28 - Pastor Shaun Lewis

Those who grasp the glory of the kingdom give all to gain it.

Just Wait and See

2020-06-21 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

God's kingdom is better than what we can see now.

Think Like a Farmer

2020-06-14 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

God's gospel will either condemn or change you based on how it's received.

The Joy of Unity

2020-06-07 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

Spiritual unity is God's gracious gift to us.

The Absolute Necessity of Believing in Jesus

2020-05-31 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

Whoever does not believe in Jesus is outside of God's family.

What Your Words Say About You

2020-05-24 - Pastor Shaun Lewis

The words of your mouth reveal the condition of your heart.

The Hinge-Point of History

2020-05-17 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

Israel's rejection of the power of God's Spirit is the unpardonable sin.

The Servant Lord of Rest

2020-05-10 - Pastor Kevin Sauder

Reject the yoke of legalism and rest in Jesus' work alone.

Your Final Resting Place

2020-05-03 - Pastor Scott Gnuse

How will you respond to all that Jesus has shown you?