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Randy & Peggy Stuckey


Black Forest Academy, Germany

Randy & Peggy are teachers at Black Forest Academy, a school for missionary children. Originally from central IL, they moved to Germany in 2000 after sensing God’s stirring in their hearts. As teachers, MK (missionary kid) education made sense. They are also both gifted musicians.

A few facts:

Kandern is on the southern edge of the Black Forest of Germany. It is a rural area, so many of their neighbors are farmers and woodsmen.

Their area of Germany is moist much of the year – a wonderful place for frogs to flourish. In the spring, little frog fences lines certain roads to keep the frogs from jumping on the roadways. Road signs go up warning people of mandatory reduced speed limits because the roads get slippery with….. frogs.

Randy plays in a village band.

Peggy plays in a regional orchestra. She has also toured for 8 years with pop/rock Christian singer/songwriter, Danny Plett. The tour goes all over Germany with fun music and the Great News of Jesus Christ.

What does an average day look like?

Randy gets up early and rides his bike 3 miles to school most days. He meets with students around 7:30 am to help them in math. Class begins at 8:50 am. He teaches two different math classes and an engineering design class. He takes a sack lunch so by the time he gets home between 5 and 6 pm, he is hungry. Peggy works in the admissions office every day and on Wednesdays she teaches the 5th grade class for an enrichment period. The evenings include rehearsals in the German groups, praying with our group, and playing in a worship band.

What do you love about your ministry?

We love helping missionaries by teaching their children. We love one-on-one relationships with students. We love serving the fellow staff to make their lives easier and perhaps more fun.  

Black Forest Academy



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