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Justin & Codee Delagrange


Loja, Ecuador

Ministry Description
Justin and Codee have worked within the student ministries at New Castle Bible Church over the
past 10 years. After a short-term medical mission trip (2007) and a short-term youth ministry trip,
Justin and Codee felt called to serve in missions long-term. They enjoy being able to do so along with
their three kids - Avery, Josie and Grady. They work alongside the local lojano churches in
strategically reaching people within the city and in the areas that surround the city of Loja through
various ministries.

As their sending church, New Castle Bible enjoys a strategic Gospel partnership with SIM in Ecuador
for the purpose of reaching the people of Ecuador with the life-transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our long term goal is to help establish and strengthen nationally led Ecuadorian churches. Please
pray that they would be able to do just that.

A few facts

  • Codee and I first fell in love with Ecuador through a medical trip (2007) and youth ministry trip
  • On our first term in Loja, Ecuador, Justin had an emergency appendectomy in the first 10 days of
  • Fireworks (big ones) are daily shot off from Catholic churches, businesses, local residencies and at
    weddings from within the city for the purposes of celebration, festivals and entertainment.
  • Ecuador is about 2 times smaller than the state of Texas, but can take a treacherous 14 hours to
    cross because of the Andes Mountains.
  • Loja is located at 6,800 feet in elevation. So, even though the equator runs through Ecuador, Loja
    still experiences mild temperatures from 50°F- 75°F year round.

What does your average day entail?
Not too many days look the same. Ecuadorian culture is not exactly time oriented, but people and
event oriented. Meaning, it’s not uncommon to have appointments pushed back or rescheduled and
there are often changes in schedule throughout the day due to surprise visits. Life in Loja requires
you to become flexible.

We usually start the day off with personal devotions while expressing our dependence on God for
the day through prayer. Morning events usually include things such as meeting a friend for
breakfast; going to a team meeting for the purposes of training, discussing ministry strategies,
talking about ministry opportunities and areas of need, or praying for those we are working with.
Mornings have also been a good time to meet with our mentors; paying bills for utilities- which can
take hours; and a good time to do our shopping at the local markets and grocery stores to prepare
for any events that we might be hosting or attending that evening.

Afternoons and evenings are a time that we are usually able to meet up with others for one-on-one
discipleship, where we take every opportunity to share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ. We may
take advantage of “free time” by further studies in language. Afternoons and evenings are usually
when we have our ministry events- such as university ministries, bible studies and accountability
with nationals, camping and sports ministries or children’s ministries (neighborhood kids club or
missionary kids club). After kids get out of school, we may have to assist them with school
homework, projects, and presentations they may have. Also, if time permits, we love taking an
opportunity to go to the local park.

What do you love about ministry?
What we love about this ministry is having the opportunity to work together, as a family, for the
purposes of spreading the gospel where it is least known. Furthermore, we love how the ministry
teams, in which we work in, are made up of multiple nationalities. We love how it is a wonderful
display God’s church and how it works as one according to His purposes.


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