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Jane van den Berg


Ivory Coast, West Africa

Jane is a missionary in Ivory Coast, Africa. She grew up in Ivory Coast as a missionary kid, where her parents translated the Scriptures into the native language. Jane grew up seeing the great need around her and God is now using her giftedness in serving Him. Her ministry includes construction of a school, writing and editing course work for the school, teaching basic computer skills, teaching and tutoring, and financing the schooling of several students.

A few facts:

Jane is located in northern Ivory Coast, near the third largest city in the country. She lives in a rural home, but most of her work is in Korhogo, the city where they are constructing the girl’s Christian vocational school.

There is LOTS of tropical fruit.

There are only two seasons: rainy season from May – October and dry season from November – April/May. Rainy season will typically see 53-57 inches of rain. Dry season will only see an inch or two.

Jane’s day revolves around her chickens.

What does an average day look like?

I let my chickens out at daybreak and feed them. Exercise, shower, and eat. Go to the construction site, stopping in town to do purchasing when necessary. Greet each worker at the site, taking care of any issues, helping where I can (holding boards, painting, planning, etc). Leave for home mid-morning, depending on whether or not it’s my day to cook (my colleague and I take turns cooking the noon meal), stopping by the cyber café to do email. Eat at 12:30, siesta, and write curriculum in the afternoon. Then I gather eggs, feed chickens again, and work on projects around the house. I put the chickens in at dark, eat, do a couple Sudoku puzzles and a round of anagrams (mental exercise), have my quiet time and go to bed at 10 pm.

What do you love about your ministry?

Investing in the lives of those I work with one-on-one, teaching whatever needs to be taught.  

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