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James Summer Study


The book of James is one of the shortest, most practical books in all the Bible. That is because its author, James, is writing to hurting Christians in order to remind them of the basics of their faith - things like how they listen, how they speak, and how they act. All of these stem from the most basic feature of Christianity: their relationship with Jesus Christ. 

It's summer and school is likely the last thing you're thinking about but if you commit to studying this short book with the right heart attitude, your faith in Christ will be renewed, refreshed, and readied for the coming school year.

Download the study guide and continue visiting this page as video teachings are uploaded. It's going to be a great summer together online!


Week 1 - James 1:1-18



Week 2 - James 1:19-27



Week 3 - James 2:1-13



Week 4 - James 2:2-26



Week 5 - James 3:1-12



Week 6 - James 3:13-18



Week 7 - James 4:1-12



Week 8 - James 4:13-5:6



Week 9 - James 5:7-12



Week 10 - James 5:13-20