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Worship On Campus

Jul 24, 2020

Safety Precautions

If You are Sick or Experience Symptoms

Remember, if you are experiencing symptoms, are immune compromised or vulnerable, engage with the vulnerable, or have been in contact with anyone with Covid, we encourage you to remain home and join the worship livestream on our Facebook page, YouTube channel, or at

Please contact the church office if you begin experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 in the week following worship. The congregation will be notified of a possible exposure without revealing your identity.


Physical Distancing and Masks
Those who are most comfortable wearing a mask are encouraged to do so. Disposable masks will be available inside the Family Center and Chapel entrances, if needed. We will not be enforcing mask-wearing except in the Chapel. Please refrain from hugging, shaking hands, fist bumps, etc. with those not in your household.

To honor the wishes of those who choose to worship where extra precautions will be taken, masks will be required 8:00-Noon. This includes the ADE hour for those who attend in the Chapel. Disposable masks will be available for those who need them. Please do not enter the extra precaution area anytime throughout the morning unless you have chosen to worship or attend ADE in that location. Physical distancing will be carefully observed so please ensure your group of family seats are at least six feet away from other individuals/families. 
Castle Kids Nursery 
Safety Guidelines for Nursery:
  • Hand sanitation required for all children entering and leaving the nursery and prior to any snack.
  • Rooms sanitized before first service and after second service.
  • Toys will be quarantined and sanitized after being in a child's mouth.

Safety Guidelines for Castle Kids Sunday School and Children's Church

  • We will space chairs at a greater distance apart than in the past and encourage a level of distancing as best we can. However, a 6-foot social distancing rule will not be possible due to lack of space in some of our classrooms.
  • We will require kids to use hand sanitizer when entering and leaving classrooms and prior to any snack.
  • Rooms and equipment will be sanitized after use.
  • Kids are welcome to wear a mask, but it is not required.

Extra Precaution Worship Area Available

Chapel - Formerly "Old Sanctuary" on Sundays 8:00-Noon

If you desire extra precautions to be taken where masks are required, social distancing carefully observed, and extra cleaning measures taken, we invite you to watch the livestream in the Chapel.

Adult Discipleship Elective Option With Extra Precautions
For those desiring extra precautions, you will have the opportunity to attend Second Timothy: Enduring to the End in the Chapel at 9:30am. Everyone is invited to attend this class whether you attend worship in the Family Center or in the Chapel. However, to respect the desires of those who prefer extra precautions, masks and social distancing will be required. 

Important Notes for Worship

Worship Folders
Worship folders will be available on a table inside each area's interior entrance for you to pick-up along with sermon transcripts and Kid Sermon Notes.

Ushers / Hospitality Hosts
Feel free to seat yourself. Ushers and/or Hospitality Hosts will be available in each area providing any assistance you may need.

Worship through Giving/Connection Cards
Offering plates will no longer be passed. Receptacles will be available at each room's main interior entrance door for giving and for Connection Cards.

Food / Drink
Coffee is available in the Fireside Commons and in the Intersection Cafe. Due to safety guidelines, the water fountains are closed.

Kid Sermon notes available, as always. 

Castle Kids Nursery available throughout the morning for children up to 3 yrs.

Castle Kids Children's Church will be available during the 10:45am service. Following the worship time and prior to the message, parents will have the opportunity to bring their children 3 yrs. through Kindergarten age to Children’s Church. 
Note: For parents of young children who wish to keep their children in the service, please be reassured, we will all have great understanding and patience with the extra movements, noises, and distractions expected from younger children. However, if you prefer to give your child a break, there is a Cry Room available upstairs that features windows overlooking the Family Center and a loudspeaker so you can listen to the service. The ushers can provide directions from your location.

Adult Discipleship Electives - 9:30am