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Evangelism (Spring 2019)


Mark Hutchison (Intersection Fireside Room)

52% of Christians have not shared their faith in the past 12 months. Beautiful things become more so when they are shared with others. Learn with others as we train in evangelism - how to share The Story of Jesus Christ with others.
78% of the unchurched said they were open to a spiritual conversation. We may be for more afraid to talk to people than they are unwilling to listen. Let's dispel our fears by learning the "how" of evangelism. 

Lesson 12

06/02/2019 | Mark Hutchison

Lesson 11

05/26/2019 | Mark Hutchison

Lesson 10

05/19/2019 | Mark Hutchison

Lesson 9

05/12/2019 | Mark Hutchison

Lesson 7

04/28/2019 | Mark Hutchison

Lesson 4

04/07/2019 | Mark Hutchison

Lesson 2

03/24/2019 | Mark Hutchison

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