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Dustan & Becka King - Sent


Loja, Ecuador

Ministry Description:

Dustan and Becka King serve at El Sendero (The Pathway) youth center in Loja, Ecuador. The vision of this ministry is to provide a safe and fun place for youth in order to build relationships and fulfill Jesus’ command to make disciples. They are intentional about relationship building with the youth – talking with them, helping them with English, playing ping-pong, praying for them. Ministry also includes the various responsibilities at El Sendero, much like a coffee shop here in the US.  

A few facts:

  • Dustan and Becka’s ties to Ecuador began when Dustan’s sister, Amanda, began serving there. When God made it clear that He wanted them to change their lifestyle and follow Him “to the uttermost parts of the earth”, Ecuador was an obvious choice.
  • Loja is a city of 180,000 located in the Sierra region of southern Ecuador. The average temperature is between 50 and 75 degrees all year long.
  • Sometimes the rain there is more like a mist and the raindrops hang in the air so long they can see it dropping. It’s like snow, only not frozen.
  • Dustan started attending New Castle in his late teens and was baptized by Pastor Somers.
  • The people are intensely curious about God’s Word, which makes hearing the Gospel a very rewarding experience.
  • The food there is quite bland. Ecuadorians find even table pepper to be spicy. They like to say the flavor of Ecuador is grease. 
  • Dustan & Becka have three children Marcus, Weston and Esther.

What does your average day entail?


This would have been easier to answer as a computer programmer because almost no day is the same as a global partner. I have spent much of my time studying Spanish and the culture of Ecuador. I also am part of a team and we have meetings and activities to do together. I also spend time at El Sendero talking to students, playing ping-pong or table games as well as praying and reading God’s Word with them or just helping make coffee or cleaning. Sometimes I write up newsletters and reports for either SIM or my supporters. I also have three kids and I make sure they get to school, do their homework and spend time with them.


It might be easier to answer, “What does a typical week look like?” As no single day is the same as another! Along with household chores like boiling water for washing dishes we spend a lot of our time walking to where we need to be. We spend a good hour a day walking! I spend about 30 hours a week physically working in El Sendero - washing dishes, waiting tables, sharing the gospel, meeting people, advising young people, and holding Bible studies. The goal is to be present when I am needed and for whatever I am needed for! The other ten work hours a week are reserved for preparation and for meetings meant for planning, sharing, and praying. A good portion of every week is spent in reporting about what God is doing in Loja to SIM and to our supporters. Our support team needs to know what happens here in order to pray well. Besides that, I spend time studying the language and caring for my kids. On Sundays, we attend a small church in the morning and a new church start in the afternoons. In our free time Dustan and I like to have coffee at one of several places in town that serve empanadas and fruit drinks.

What do you love about ministry?


I love it when I see the Holy Spirit working in the life of a youth I have a connection with. For example the young atheist who professed that Jesus Christ is the only way to God after studying with me for two years. It is difficult when you see others struggling with legalism or works salvation.


Joanna who has worked for El Sendero told me her testimony - that a pastor had knocked on her family’s door when she was a child and shared the gospel with them. Her father stood and said, “from now on our family will only follow Christ.” She told me how an evangelical Christian had once told her she did not know God because she did not attend a church. “No one. No Christian, no Catholic, no one can ever persuade me that I am not a child of God. I know who I am because I know who Jesus is.” This profound statement of faith blew me away. It is times like these that I am overwhelmed with how God works. Plucking a family from the remotest part of a city with hardly a hope of ever hearing the gospel and pulling this family to Himself with a faith greater than any I have ever seen from many who are saturated with His Word. AMAZING! Joanna has agreed to bring her small family to our church gatherings on Saturday afternoons and wants to join a discipleship group as well. What excites me? Seeing how God works in the lives of the people here!

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