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Amanda King - Sent


Gonzanama, Ecuador

Amanda King is a missionary serving in Gonzanama, Ecuador.  Her passion is for reaching the lost that wouldn’t otherwise hear the Truth. Her primary focus is working with children. Holding weekly kids clubs, training national believers, Bible study and discipleship are all ways that Amanda uses the gifts God has given to her. Amanda works with her teammate, Chandra. Their giftedness compliments each other. 

A few facts:

Amanda started attending New Castle Bible Church when she was twelve years old. Her parents are active members, Dwight & Pam King.

Amanda’s older brother and family are also missionaries in Ecuador. (Dustan & Becka King)

New Castle Bible Church has the privilege of being Amanda’s sending church.

Gonzanama is a rural town, located in the Loja Province of southern Ecuador. Less than 1% of Loja Province is evangelical Christian.

Every September the town celebrates the founding of the county with a month of festivities, including traditional dance competitions. Celebrations often include firework structures, which are set up for people to crowd around as they go off and send sparks out into the multitude. However, the "Crazy Cow" is the most unique. This is a paper maché cow with fireworks attached. It is set alight with someone carrying it around while dancing to music in the middle of the crowd.

Guinea pig is a delicacy in Ecuador. 

What does an average day look like?

This is a tough question, as really no two days look alike. There are scheduled ministries that are always at the same time on the same day and there is the need to plan for these events. However, there is a lot of ministry that takes place that isn't planned. This happens as we go out to do the grocery shopping, pay bills, or to visit people; it also happens when people show up unexpectedly at the house. So, I guess an average day looks like a string of opportunities to be used by God to minister to others; some opportunities are joyfully taken and others, unfortunately, are missed for a variety of reasons.

What do you love about your ministry?

First off, I love the people.  I enjoy working with the kids and seeing their excitement as they enter the clubs. This last term, I have enjoyed seeing believers step out in ministry. However, the thing I love most is seeing people come to know Jesus as their Savior and grow in their faith. My heart swells when I hear them stand up for their faith and defend it to others. I've been blessed to see a few young ones grow up in a Christian household and have enjoyed watching them grow in their understanding of the Word and their trust in Jesus. All I have to do is listen to them pray to know that I'm making a difference and it is absolutely worth it!


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